We offer game websites that run "rounds" the opportunity to list on our End-Of-Round (EOR) tracker. Players can see which games have rounds starting or ending soon, details of prizes, and special rules for those games and their rounds.
End-Of-Round Tracker
Do you own your own game website? We have several pre-built features designed to easily integrate into your games. Contact us with your website URL and we'll send you a list of what we can do for you.
Full Coding Services
Integrate our bug tracker to allow users to report bugs, and have them sent to your developer. Many bugs go unreported for months, or even years if players don't know what to do. We streamline this process for you. This feature requires a client login for our coding services.
Promote your game with us. Our experience in the sector has generated many contacts, and we can reach interested players. This includes promotion on anarchywebdesign.com, link sharing with associated websites, and regular updates posted to our skype groups. More Info.
Our extensive connections among players and owners allows us to create real insight into the market. We will occasionally publish research here on our site. We are also available for commission - to find gaps in the market for you to exploit and work out how to tailor your product to the market.
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